taobao haul #1

My first order from taobao. Only few items becasue it was my first order and I wanted to check taobao service.
When package arrived my home was in condition on below picture. A bit creased but none hools etc.

Frankly speaking I was rather surprised when I opened it. Since I ordered 3 pairs of shoes I expected to receive them on boxes. But chinese selleres send them in foils. Nice option which make package not so heavy.

Stuff which I bought.
item no.1

Rose earring.

Was looking for some earring which can match mum`s necklace. And found those adorable rose earring. They were funny cheap.
Seller was so nice to put them on nice box.

item no.2

Another one Christmas present for mum. She was happy with this purchase.
Blouse fits her perfectly. Has nice deep color, material is smooth.

item no.3

High heel boots.

I saw them on some wholesale and was looking for them very badly! I just need to have them. xD

Wyrównaj do środka
item no.4

Martin rabbits boots.

Boots for my sister. They were just so cute – and I had luck! Seller had some promotion and I bought them way cheaper than from other sellers.
As a winter boots they are warm. Days are going colder so sister wear them to school. She said they are very warm.


item no.5

Grey short boots for winter.

They looked very nice & warm so I decided to buy them as present for my mum. Unfortunately
them end up beeing too small. So I`m selling them since I`m not going to keep them.
They`re brand new – neither me, my mum nor sister wear them.
price – $20 (shipping is not included)

additional info:
size: 40 (but end smaller – like for 38,39 – slender foot)
foot lenght – 27 cm
foot width – 8 cm
heel – 9 cm
waterproof – 1 cm
More photos of those shoes – for those who may be interested in buying them.


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